photo icon1_zpseff71810.png 365 Days With Sara Style: April 2013

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Stars and Stripes Forever

What I Wore

To The Grocery Store

Top - Forever 21/Pants - Forever 21/Shoes - KMart
Purse - (Thrifted)/Watch - MK/Necklaces - Gifted and Forever 21/Earrings - Forever 21

Striped tops are one of my weaknesses.  I have more than a few striped tops in my closet (and even a few other striped tops that I got at Forever 21) but for some reason when I saw this striped top hanging in the store, I had to go ahead and get it.  I don't know what it is about stripes, but there is definitely something that makes them easy to wear with just about anything.  You want to wear a solid color - of course, put some stripes with it.  You want to wear camouflage - well, yes that works with stripes. You are wanting to wear florals - believe it or not, yes stripes will work then too.  Stripes can give an outfit more interest, can come in different widths, can be horizontal or vertical and simply put, stripes are timeless.  With so many choices of different types of patterns available, I don't only wear stripes, but I love the fact that I can count on stripes to come to my rescue when I want something that will give a little extra kick to an outfit.  Do you have a favorite go-to pattern?

Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Way the Cookie Crumbles

What I Wore

Out with Hubby

Top - Rue 21/Mint Jeans (Thrifted) American Rag/Shoes - Target
Watch - MK/Necklace - Forever 21/Bracelets - Michael's and Forever 21/Earrings - Forever 21

If you send a girl to work at a mall on a Saturday, the girl will want to see what is new at Forever 21.  When the girl sees a turquoise necklace at Forever 21, she will want to buy it.  When the girl gets home she will want to wear her new necklace.  When her husband suggests they go on a date, the girl will go to her closet to find something to wear with her new necklace.  When the girl goes to her closet, she will see the blue top that she had been trying to find an excuse to wear since she bought it.  The girl will decide that the blue top is just the right color to put behind the new necklace.  When she pulls out the blue top, the girl will not want to wear blue jeans, so she will open her drawer of colored jeans.  Right near the top of the drawer the girl will see a pair of mint jeans that she had almost forgotten she had!  The girl will decide that she has a perfect combination of blue and mint that was in the necklace - and obviously why she had been inspired to buy that necklace in the first place!  The girl will then put on a pair of navy print shoes that she absolutely loves and has been wearing every chance she can.  So, the girl was able to create an entire outfit because she bought a necklace for less than $5!  (If you have ever read "When You Give a Mouse a Cookie" hopefully you will appreciate my latest outfit adventure.)  Do you ever build an outfit around one item?

Thursday, April 25, 2013

For What It's Worth

What I Wore

Top - Rue 21/Jeans - Guess/Shoes - Tom's
Watch - MK/Bracelet - Target/Earrings - Old

Nothing spectacular, nothing outlandish, nothing remarkable.  That was my thought when I looked at these photos.  I am just an ordinary, everyday girl.  I don't touch-up/edit my photos in any way.  What you see is what you get.  When I think about some blogs I've seen or read, sometimes the gorgeous photos, the stand-out from the crowd outfits will come to mind.  However, what I am trying to do is to (hopefully) inspire or encourage others to realize that, even they, can venture outside of the sweats/yoga pants that are so easy to reach for.  To see that some days, jeans and a simple top can be comfortable too.  But, also to see that comfortable doesn't have to mean that you don't go ahead and put on some jewelry, some makeup and do your hair.  I'm just a simple girl who hopes that I am not the only one that feels ordinary and everyday some days.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

If It Don't Fit

What I Wore

To a Baseball Game

Top - Rue 21/Jeans - Charlotte Russe/Shoes - Tom's
Watch - MK/Bracelets - Rue 21, Forever 21, Local Boutique/Necklace - Gift

I have learned that I need to try on almost every piece of clothing before I buy anything.  The same "exact" size might be a perfect fit for one item, but too small or too large in another. When I am at a traditional store trying on clothes, I will usually grab multiple sizes of the same item (especially when the sizing is numerical).  At a resale shop, I look through various sizes (sometimes due to the fact that items are misplaced) to see what I like, then look at the size.  I actually have quite a variety of sizes in my wardrobe - not only due to manufacturer sizing, but also allowing for weight fluctuations.  I don't like admitting it, but I always feel a little happier when it is the smaller size that fits better, even though I know that sounds horribly shallow.  That being said, the jeans in this outfit are actually a bigger size then I like to admit to - and I loved how they fit!  Do you keep multiple sizes in your wardrobe or do you have a specific size that always fits you perfectly?

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Candles on the Cake

What I Wore

Dinner out

Jacket -(Thrifted) Bamboo Traders /Sweater - Gabriel Brothers/Jeans - Target
Shoes - Target/Belt & Bracelet - (Thrifted)/Ring - Local Boutique/Watch - MK/Earrings - Old Navy

The month of April seems to be a popular month for birthdays.  Not only does my baby boy celebrate his birthday (it does not seem possible that he is already 18!), my mom and several friends were also born in April.  I think that a birthday really is a very special day and that the birthday boy or girl should be treated like a king or queen.  Of course, we have birthday gifts, cake and decorations, but the day also starts with a breakfast of choice followed by a special lunch and favorite dinner too.  I love how someone's birthday gives us a chance to express to them how much we love them and how glad we are that they were born.  Do you have any birthday traditions that are special in your family ?

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Happy In My Pants

What I Wore

To a Baseball Game

Top - Chico's/Pants - JCP/Shoes - Tom's
Purse - Target/Watch - MK/Bracelet - Forever 21/Earrings - Burlington Coat Factory

One of the fashion trends that I love right now is pants that have a print.  When I found these leave and chain pants at JCP for only $4,  I grabbed them up as fast as I could.  One thing I love about having a printed pant is that it is great camouflage for my thighs!  When I am wearing a printed pant, I tend to go easy on accessories as I did here, but in retrospect, I wish I had added a little more.  There are so many options from snakeskin to floral printed pants, that I foresee many more showing up in my posts.  Have you been wearing printed pants?  Or are you afraid of looking like Will Ferrell at the MTV Movie Awards?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I'll Remember April

What I Wore

Top - JCP/Pants - (Thrifted) Style and Co/Flip Flops - (Thrifted)
Necklace - Forever 21/Earrings - Forever 21/Watch - MK

Spring in the Northern Hemisphere may officially begin in March, but it is in April when the weather typically starts to feel springlike.  A month that starts with a day of tricks (April Fool's Day) and usually includes Major League Baseball's Opening Day, as well as my youngest son's birthday, April is a month I look forward to.  When I think of any specific month, I initially think of people who were born that month - and with a family that includes 5 siblings, their spouses and children, all months are going to involve a birthday or two.  Then, of course, holidays are going to come to mind (who can think of December and not think "Christmas!") as well as other special events that happen every year in a certain month.  There are also things that have happened in certain months that involve sad memories (January will always come with the reminder of my dad's passing).  The sad parts will always be a part of our memories, just as the people of Boston will always remember the moments when their marathon was taken from glorious to horrific.   My thoughts and prayers are going out to everyone that has had their life changed by the terrible events this April 15th.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Take the Long Way Home

What I Wore

Jacket - Target/Top - (Thrifted) Seven/Jeans - (Thrifted) Charlotte Russe Refuge
Shoes - KMart/Necklace - Garbriel Brothers

In the world we live in, it seems like moving is more common then staying in one place.  I have lived in only three different states (Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio) and have never lived in another country, but I do have family and friends all over the United States, as well as in different countries around the world.  One part of blogging that I love is that I can read about every day life in so many different places.  I like to think that if I wanted to visit someplace new to me, I would be able to get the "low down" on that place from a local.  In that same way, I love to give someone visiting an area I am familiar with "must do" and "must see" ideas.  For example, if you ever visit Springfield, Illinois, you have to have a horseshoe for one meal.  If you visit Milwaukee, Wisconsin, you need to go in July and see the Circus Parade, and if you are in the southwest Ohio area, you can't miss Graeter's ice cream.  What would you recommend to a visitor to a place you are familiar with?

Friday, April 12, 2013

Youth of the Nation

What I Wore

Top - Old Navy (Thrifted)/Camisole - Target/Jeans  - Gsp
Sandals - (Thrifted)/Necklace - Gift/Earrings - Burlington Coat Factory

I was watching a report about an actress suing one of my favorite websites (IMDb) because they revealed her true age.   It made me wonder how many people are representing their birth year as something other than what it really is.  I then thought about how people dress and how it reflects their age - or not.  There are things I wear that I know my own mom would never have worn at my age.  I admit I do shop in multiple areas in a department store, and even if my age is way past junior, I will still find cute things in that department.  I do have curves in places that some items will not accommodate, and sometimes find that the sizing is so different that I feel like I need to immediately lose 10 pounds. But, if I can get past the size marked on the label, I can find trendy things that I don't want to spend a high price on.  Do you feel that there are certain things no one should wear once they are past 30 or 40?  What about when they are past 50 or 60?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sell Me A Coat

What I Wore

To A Haircut and Baseball Game

Jacket - Vera Wang Kohl's (Thrifted)/Sweater - J Crew/Camisole - Target/
Jeans - The Limited/Shoes - Rue 21
Watch - MK/Bracelet - Local Boutique/Earrings & Necklace - Gabriel Brothers

One thing about Spring weather in Ohio, is that it is unpredictable.  In one day, you can go from being cold, to warm, to hot, and back to cool.  On a day when I will be away from home a lot, it is not unusual for me to have not only a jacket, but also a coat in my car.  Because of these continual temperature changes, one thing that I seem to be drawn to when I am shopping, is outerwear.  I have jackets, coats, vests, scarfs, hats and gloves that I not only keep in my car's trunk, I have a closet full of them at home too.  I like to have different styles, weights, colors and types to get me through any weather or occasion. So, when I saw this Vera Wang for Kohl's jacket at a local thrift store for less than $5, I had to get it.  It was the perfect weight for a windy Spring afternoon, but I felt it was stylish enough that I didn't feel frumpy.  Do you have a favorite go to jacket or coat, or do you change out your outerwear as frequently as you change the outfit you are wearing?

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Where Did The Angels Go

What I Wore

Evening With Hubby

Vest - Forever 21/Top - Forever 21/Jeans - Gap/Shoes - Thrifted
Necklace - Gift/Earrings - Burlington Coat Factory/Watch - MK/Bracelets - Brighton, Local Boutique

Wearing a studded "leather" vest is a change of pace from my typical daily outfit, but I loved this vest the minute I saw it!  It is a gift from my hubby, and I don't know which one of us likes it better!  If not for his decision to buy the vest, I might not have ended up with it - it is so different from most of my wardrobe.  But when I put it on, I knew I would have to incorporate it into my normal wardrobe rotation!  I think that we sometimes get into a rut wearing the same style of clothes over and over, and every once in a while maybe we need to go a little "wild" and against the norm.  Do you tend to have a typical "outfit" and just the specific pieces change, or would you say you have a more eclectic wardrobe?

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

What I Wore

Opening Day

Sweater - Forever 21/Polka Dot Chambray - Old Navy/Jeans - Gap
Shoes - KMart/Earrings - Target/Purse - Target

One thing that I never leave home without is a purse/handbag/tote.  I don't always have one in the photos I post, because I am not thinking "Grab your purse." when I walk out to take pictures.  I have purses of different shapes, sizes, colors, made from all types of materials and from several different stores or designers.  I have bags that I have paid less than $5 for, and others that have cost several hundred dollars.  I tend to change my purse frequently based on my outfit or where I am going.  I also like to carry a larger tote with a small purse inside so that I can put my wallet and phone in if I want to leave the large tote in my car. Years ago, I donated a vintage Coach purse to a thrift store, and every since then I have decided that I really need to think twice before getting rid of any more purses!  (It only made me feel a little better when I found a different vintage Coach purse at a thrift store not long ago!)  Do you have a favorite purse that you carry everywhere, or do you change the purse you carry frequently?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

This is the World Calling

What I Wore

Sweater - Thrifted/Camisole - Target/Jeans - NY & Co /Boots - Thrifted
Boot Socks - Target/Necklace - Gift/Earrings - Burlington Coat Factory

I don't know about you, but one thing I like about "smart phones" and tablets are the great apps that are available.  I like to download apps that are free and useful as well as fun and easy to use.  I have several apps from AllRecipes to Wanelo. There are so many apps available, it is hard to know which ones to download.  Some apps I have sit unused, while others get used more than once daily. I think the best way to find a useful app is by getting a recommendation from someone else.  One of my most recent downloads is My Fitness Pal, which I had to check out  after hearing about it from a few people, and  I have been using it every day to track what I eat/drink and how much exercise I get.   I would love to hear what you would recommend as your favorite apps - maybe I'll find a new favorite!