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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Simple Gifts

What I Wore

Sweater - H&M/Jeans - Charlotte Russe/Shoes - KMart
Scarf - Gift/Watch - MK/Bracelet - Forever 21/Earrings - Forever 21

I have to brag for a minute.  If you have read many of my posts, you have discovered that I am the only female living in my house (besides our little Yorkie).  I have a husband and two boys  (okay, so technically based on their ages, they would be men) that I share a home with. I can't tell you the number of times I heard  "when are you going to try for a girl" or some similar remark, when my boys were young.  Now, nothing against girls (I am one after all) but I never once felt I needed a daughter, because I couldn't imagine how my life could be any better because I was so lucky to have two boys!  I have always said that I am actually very lucky, because I *am* the only girl in the house.  If you know me in "the real world" you would probably say I talk a lot about my boys (and I would agree) and now I am bragging about my boys here - but it is a fashion related brag, really!  See that amazing scarf I am wearing?  Well, it was a gift from my boys!  And if I do say so myself, they have great taste!  Have you ever had a fashionable gift that was a complete surprise?