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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Spinning Wheel

What I Wore

To the Movies

Top - (Thrifted)Koppen/Capris - Old brand Noir/Shoes - NY&Co
Bracelets - Sears/Watch - MK/Earrings - Old Navy

From what I have seen, most women can be considered multi-taskers.  We can be reading a book/magazine (maybe both at once?!), watching a TV show, cooking a meal, doing the laundry, listening to a child, making a grocery list, pinning on Pinterest and cleaning a home all at the same time.  Personally, I can't just "sit and relax" at the end of a day because there are just too many things I feel I need to be doing.  Maybe that is why there are so many bloggers (and blog readers) out there - we have another way to express ourselves and we are able to blog (or read blogs) while we do other things.  Similar to my ability to do many things at once, my mind also has many thoughts going through it.  For example, as I was picking photos to put on this blog all of these thoughts raced through my mind.
I love wearing purple and green together.
The bracelets I got at Sears were such a bargain at $4.99 (5 bracelets for $5!?!).
I really don't like the way capris look - but they are so nice to wear when the weather is not really cool but not really hot.
I really need to get a tan, but I don't want to get age spots/skin cancer, maybe I should do a spray tan?
I think I like the coverage from the new CC Dr. Jart+ that I wore today, but it definitely is not as easy to apply as the BB Dr. Jart+.
I really want to tell everyone that they should go see "Now You See Me".
Will anyone but me read this post?


  1. love a girl who can find a great bargain! and i must get me some purple in my closet and i'll have to try your purple + green combo. stopping by from dear abby leigh....enjoy your day!


  2. Love the purple and green!! I haven't thought of putting those 2 colors together until last week. I am an Independent Consultant for Paparazzi Accessories and a necklace came in that had those colors together.....Now I am not the Fashionista, but my daughter is and she put an outfit together (light green skirt, purple tshirt and a blue jean jacket and was super cute!!! Wish I was skinny minny like her, because I would surely borrow it!!

  3. Hi Sara!!! You are looking good, sweet lady! I haven't been around here for a while; with my kids at home I am insanely busy. When does school start again? :-)
    Come over and see me some time, I miss you! xoxo jules

  4. I hadn't thought of wearing purple and green together either. Love it though.

    I have a love/hate relationship with capris. I love their comfort factor, but hate how they look on me.

  5. I've loved spray tans before--just make sure to exfoliate first!

    Thanks for linking up please grab the badge/link and comment and you are good to go!
    ✰Transatlantic Blonde✰

  6. Love the purple & green combo! You look great!

    Thanks for linking up with Style Sessions :)

    Lauren xx

  7. Obviously lots of people reading! Multi tasking here at my best - on the phone, listening to music and reading your wonderful blogs from last week's Wardrobe Wednesday. Hope to see you again this week Sara xo