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Tuesday, July 30, 2013


What I Wore

To Dinner With a New Girlfriend

Top - Target/White Jeans - J Crew/Shoes - Target
Earrings - Local Boutique/Bracelet - Rue 21

Once in awhile deciding what to wear is a challenge.  This outfit was the result of trying on multiple options before walking out of my bedroom.  I found out about 4:30 in the afternoon (while at work and dressed for work) that I was got to meet someone new when I got home around 7:00.  My first reaction was excitement of course, followed by the inevitable - "What am I going to wear?"  Since I was already in work clothes, I had no control over a "first" impression based on what I was wearing - and unfortunately, that is not stylish or fashionable since I more or less wear a uniform.  But, I wanted to make up for that by wearing an "okay for meeting the new girlfriend outfit".  Do you think I did okay?  (By the way she was very stylish in red skinny jeans and an ivory peplum lace top.)

Monday, July 29, 2013

Can't Buy Me Love

What I Wore

College Supply Shopping

Shirt - J Crew/Tank - J Crew/Jeans - Gap
Belt - J Crew/Watch - MK/Flip Flops  - Rue 21

 Yes, it's July and yes I am wearing jeans and long sleeves.  But, see those flip flops?  It was cool but definitely not closed toe shoes weather.  I love when temperatures are so perfect that I can wear flip flops and jeans.  I was not uncomfortable or too hot (or too cold) even though we were in and out of stores shopping for college supplies all afternoon and into the evening.  Bed, Bath and Beyond...check.  Target....check.  Best Buy....check.  Dick's Sporting Goods...check.  Best Buy...double-check.  Old Navy...check.  Oh, and that was just part of the "getting ready for college shopping" we did this weekend!  We even joked about the fact that we were really trying to buy our son's love because of the amount of shopping we were getting done before sending him off to college in a few short weeks.  Do you like wearing flip flops when you are running errands, or are do prefer more support in your shoes when you are on the go?

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cuts Like a Knife

What I Wore

Dinner Out With My Boys

Top - (Thrifted) /Leggings - Target/Shoes - Impo (Thrifted)
Earrings - Papparazzi/Watch - MK/Bracelet - Michael's

I spent several hours in an ER yesterday and ended up getting 8 stitches in my forehead.  The laceration behind this unfortunate incident starts right below my hairline and stops right above my eyebrow.  If you look at the close-up photo you can see some of the results of my Harry Potteresque forehead through my bangs.  I have never been so happy to have my hair styled this way, as I am right now!  So, now I not only have to hope that bangs never go out of style, I also need to do my best to keep from getting a horrible scar.  Do you have any words of wisdom on the best way to avoid scarring...or a great cover-up for a scar?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Nashville Scene

What I Wore

For a Night Out

Dress -  Kohl's /Sandals - Target/Bracelets - Sears

I wore this dress on our recent visit to Nashville.  I absolutely love the dress and don't even care that it was sold in the Junior section and I am far from being a Junior.  When I walked in the store, I saw it hanging near the door, and even though I looked in the "grown up" section, this is the dress I had to come back to.  I liked the Ikat pattern, the high-low style and the mix of colors.  Since I didn't have any yellow sandals (and because everyone knows a new dress calls for a new pair of shoes) I decided that I had to find yellow sandals to wear with my new dress.  I found these at Target (can't find them online for some reason) and Oh My Goodness!  They are soooooo comfortable!  I wore them walking all over downtown Nashville. We walked in and out of crowded "honky tonk" after crowded "honky tonk", and I never once thought about my feet.  I like them so much I am planning to go buy them in every color I can find at the store.  The best part is that I already had picked up the bracelets earlier this summer, when I had spotted them in Sears- only $5 for all 5.  Am I ever glad I got them - I felt they were just right for this dress.  Don't you love when you buy something that you think is a great find not quite knowing what you will wear it with, and then later it becomes the perfect piece to go with something you picked out?

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fake It

I have mentioned that I don't do any kind of editing to my blog photos.  When a friend from college sent me a photo shopped version of a picture that I had used on Facebook, I was shocked at what can be done with a little editing.  My friend admitted that she did actually photo shop the pictures she had put on Facebook! Seeing myself with blonder hair, thinner, younger...well, what's not to like?  Admittedly, when I am choosing a photo to use, I try to pick one that I think is more flattering than another.  But, when I looked at the photos side by side, I decided that I like the real me better than the photo shopped me.  If I post a photo on Facebook or on a blog post, it is not an edited version of me, it is the real me.  So, if you happen to see me in person, you will recognize me and not be shocked at how old I am and how much I weigh!  

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sundown in Nashville

 What I Wore

Watching a Baseball Game

Top - Gap/Camisole - Target/Shorts (Thrifted)/Sandals - Target
Bracelets - Sears/Watch - MK/Hat - Five Below

I am getting ready for a visit to Nashville, Tennessee, and will be there as the title suggests - by sundown.  This isn't the first trip I'll be making to the home of country music, but this will be the longest stay and my best opportunity to see the city so far.  Whenever I get to visit a "new" place, I like to try to see it as if a resident of the city was taking me to some of their favorite spots.  I know that every major city has "tourist" spots, and those are fun to see (like who wouldn't want to see Niagara Falls if you are in the Buffalo, New York area?!).  But, I do like to try to fit in an out of the way diner or a great boutique, that I wouldn't have heard about if I hadn't heard about it from someone who is in the know!   If I'm staying in a hotel (like I will be doing), the staff can give their opinions, but I wonder where you like to find recommendations when you visit a new place?  (Oh, and if you have any great suggestions for shopping, restaurants or fun things to see or do in Nashville be sure to share!!)

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hold On To Your Hat

What I Wore

To a Hair Appointment

Top - Target/Jeans - Gap/Shoes - Sears
Necklace - Rue 21/Watch - MK/Bracelet - Michaels/Hat - Dollar Tree


I like how hats look....on other people.  I have several hats and have even asked for some as Christmas gifts.  However, while I have always thought that other people looked great in hats, it is hard to know if I look okay in a hat or if I look just a little silly. So, I don't wear hats a lot.  In fact, this is my first post wearing a hat.  Oh, and did you notice where I got this particular hat?  Yes, at Dollar Tree!  Who would've thought?  Do you wear hats often?  Is so, do you like the way you look in a hat?