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Friday, January 1, 2016

One On One

If you look to the right of my post, you will see that I have been choosing One Word every year since 2013.  I got this idea towards the end of 2012 from some blog post I read, about not making New Year's resolutions, but instead choosing One Word that you wanted to focus on for the entire year.  I loved the suggestion of deciding a word that would become the direction you wanted your year to go.  So, instead of an unrelated and overwhelming list of things I didn't like about myself and wanted to change, I started to pick my One Word.

Every year I have attempted to pick a word that I wanted to be committed to - to see a change in my life in relationship to that One Word.  Each year I have seen my One Word showing up in my life in various ways, even though I don't have to physically see that One Word in print every day.  Maybe subconsciously, that word is always on my mind, while a list of things I have to change is overwhelming to me.

This year my word is Simplify.  I think this word means so many different things to people, I want to see how much more I can enjoy my every day when this word makes itself evident in my life!

I'd love to hear if you are a person who makes New Year's resolutions, who avoids making them, or if you have also tried the One Word method.

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  1. I need to simplify too Sarah! I try to open a cupboard a day and throw something out. Hopefully many somethings. I also have to stop taking things in! Happy New year to you!