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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Crystal Blue Persuasion

What I Wore
To the Dentist
Sweater - Forever 21/Shirt - Rue 21/Jeans - Bongo at KMart
Watch - MK/Bracelets - Forever 21 and WalMart/Necklace - Old/Sunglasses - Oakley

When I was walking through the store I glanced over and saw the cobalt blue of these pants on a clearance rack and made a quick decision to look closer.  They were marked $5.99 and I couldn't pass them up.  Even though I don't think that I've bought clothes at KMart before, I think I'm going to have to check out their clearance racks more often.  Not only did the dry cleaner compliment me, but they matched the color of the protective apron at the dentist office perfectly ;)  Have you found any unexpected places to shop?

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  1. Earlier this year, Jenny was crossing a busy street in Chicago ... wearing pants this color. A nearby motorist yelled out their window ... "papa smurf wants his pants back."

    Only in Chicago.