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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Skin & Bones

What I Wore
To a College Football Game
Top - Boden/Jeans - New York & CO
Wristlet - Coach/Scarf - Thrifted

Nothing better than having the chance to go watch a college football game on a beautiful fall afternoon, than going to watch a college football game with your son in uniform.  A big rivalry game with conference championship on the line makes that game even more fun.  Dressing in the fall to sit outside is taking a chance at being too hot, being too cold or, if you are really lucky, getting it exactly right.  Today was one of those getting it right days!  I started with a long-sleeved t-shirt (unseen) and a pair of tights (also unseen), and this ended up being perfect for a day where the high hit 59 degrees.  How do you dress for an autumn day when you are going to be outside most of the day?


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    1. Football is one of those favorite things about fall isn't it?! Thanks for the comment!