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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Time After Time

What I Wore

Blazer - Old Navy/Top - (Thrifted)/Jeans - Gap
Shoes - (Thrifted)/Belt - (Thrifted)/Necklace - Forever 21

If you are one of the average people of the world, you spend the biggest part of your 24 hour day in bed, sleeping.  You spend several hours a day working and also spend time doing general personal care, like showering.   A portion of a typical day is spent doing leisure activities - like watching TV (or reading blogs).  In addition, we spend time eating, doing household chores and taking care of others.   No matter what happens during my day, I always feel like I could use an extra hour.  I usually spend my lunchtime running errands or shopping (Target runs are one of  the most productive ways to spend a meal break).  But, I find myself feeling guilty when I spend an hour doing something just for myself (getting a massage, a pedicure or sitting down to watch a movie uninterrupted).  I have decided to make a habit of spending one hour a week doing something that is just for me. Do you schedule "me time" into your day or week?  If so, how do you make sure it happens?  If you don't already do it, will you join me in adding that special time to your calendar?


  1. Sounds good but we will be losing an hour sleep this weekend with DST - don't forget to "Spring Ahead" on Saturday night! Have a fantastical weekend and enjoy your time.

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  3. I could certainly use an extra, or ten!

    Happy to have you on Falling For Friday!

    just love // kelly

  4. I agree that we should spend a quiet time alone! To think clearly and plan.

    Just dropping by from FIND & FOLLOW FRIDAY!