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Friday, November 30, 2012

Blue Stripes

What I Wore

Grocery Shopping

Hoodie- Gap/Top - Target/Jeans - Lucky
Purse - Kathy Von Zeeland/Watch MK/Necklace - Premier Designs/Shoes - Rue 21

Buying groceries is one of those chores that we all have to do.  I am one of those people that goes once a week to get our food and incidentals.  I know that some people shop once a month, others who will tend to make a daily stop. However often you shop, the items you buy affects not only how your body looks, but how your body feels.  For me, this time of the year makes it tough to eat as healthy as I do in the warmer summer months.  So many holiday traditions involve food - that big Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas cookie baking, Christmas parties, etc. - and when you add the colder temperatures that bring layers of clothing to hide an extra pound or two, I usually find myself indulging in treats that I would pass up in the summer.  Do you give yourself the freedom to indulge a little bit more at this time of the year, or do you have the willpower to keep the same eating habits all year?


  1. Hi Sara! Thanks for dropping by the blog hop! Love those bright blue shoes! xx

  2. THOSE SHOES!!! Oh my goodness, those need to go on my Christmas list! By the way, I totally let myself indulge this time of year. They are my happy calories!

    1. Even better was that I got the shoes on clearance! :) And I knew we have a lot in common - yeah for indulging!

  3. I have to concur with blesid thrifter ^! Love your shoes! I want some! :)
    Found you on Blonde Episodes!

    With Love,

  4. Ahh, I love turquoise with navy and stripes. Looks so fresh! You look a lot cuter than I do for grocery shopping. :)

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