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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

What I Wore

Opening Day

Sweater - Forever 21/Polka Dot Chambray - Old Navy/Jeans - Gap
Shoes - KMart/Earrings - Target/Purse - Target

One thing that I never leave home without is a purse/handbag/tote.  I don't always have one in the photos I post, because I am not thinking "Grab your purse." when I walk out to take pictures.  I have purses of different shapes, sizes, colors, made from all types of materials and from several different stores or designers.  I have bags that I have paid less than $5 for, and others that have cost several hundred dollars.  I tend to change my purse frequently based on my outfit or where I am going.  I also like to carry a larger tote with a small purse inside so that I can put my wallet and phone in if I want to leave the large tote in my car. Years ago, I donated a vintage Coach purse to a thrift store, and every since then I have decided that I really need to think twice before getting rid of any more purses!  (It only made me feel a little better when I found a different vintage Coach purse at a thrift store not long ago!)  Do you have a favorite purse that you carry everywhere, or do you change the purse you carry frequently?


  1. I love to change out my purses and they are so many that they are spilling out onto my closet floor - time to do some donating myself. Happy Weekend!

  2. I have one purse. haha! So not a bag person. :/ I should try harder in that area. Love the sweater/shirt!

  3. I love bags! I usually have just one that I carry everywhere, and I switch it up every few months. The one I have now is purple and I love it so much, I don't know when I'll want to switch it out!

  4. I love the polka dot chambray from Old Navy - I have one too! Found you from the Aloha hop. Now following your blog, pinterest and fb. would love follows back :).

  5. your style was great. not to old school and not to much at all. you got nice bag and sleeves.