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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

If It Don't Fit

What I Wore

To a Baseball Game

Top - Rue 21/Jeans - Charlotte Russe/Shoes - Tom's
Watch - MK/Bracelets - Rue 21, Forever 21, Local Boutique/Necklace - Gift

I have learned that I need to try on almost every piece of clothing before I buy anything.  The same "exact" size might be a perfect fit for one item, but too small or too large in another. When I am at a traditional store trying on clothes, I will usually grab multiple sizes of the same item (especially when the sizing is numerical).  At a resale shop, I look through various sizes (sometimes due to the fact that items are misplaced) to see what I like, then look at the size.  I actually have quite a variety of sizes in my wardrobe - not only due to manufacturer sizing, but also allowing for weight fluctuations.  I don't like admitting it, but I always feel a little happier when it is the smaller size that fits better, even though I know that sounds horribly shallow.  That being said, the jeans in this outfit are actually a bigger size then I like to admit to - and I loved how they fit!  Do you keep multiple sizes in your wardrobe or do you have a specific size that always fits you perfectly?


  1. Now that the "Menopause 20" has gripped my body, I have multiple sizes in the closets!

  2. Sometimes I think the size-person at the factory is a little whacko. It doesn't really seem to be a good indication of how big things are or if they'll fit. I have a huge range. And am also happy when the number is little even though it is completely arbitrary.

    Fur Earwig

  3. every size is different! you are so right!

    thanks for linking up with dress for the day!

  4. I have to try on every single thing too! I love the alternating stripes in that shirt. So awesome. Thanks for linking up!
    Penniless Socialite
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  5. Multiple sizes for the spare closet with what fits in my regular closet. And it comes in handy. When I recently lost weight, I didn't have to run out and buy clothes! Visiting from Look What I Got! link-up. Debbie @

  6. I have mediums and larges in my closet. Looking good!

    Samantha D

  7. Multiple sizes for me

    Lovely post!
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    Danica Stark