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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Something to Talk About

What I Wore

For a Target Run

Top-(Thrifted)/Sweater (Thrifted)/Black Jeans - Kohl's
Shoes - Tom's

One of the things I miss about having small children are the "play dates" we participated in and the fact that I got to have "mom dates". Those "dates" were not just fun for the kids, but also for the moms because of the conversations we had over tea or coffee.  If you and I were to sit down for a cup of tea or coffee together, it would be a conversation covering a multitude of topics.  I'm sure the weather would be mentioned since it has been so crazy - almost 70 one day followed by heavy winds the next and then snow two days later (lovely Ohio weather).  Surely some of the recent news stories would come up- a child held hostage in a bunker?!  We would talk about the upcoming Super Bowl game - what food we are going to serve, do we think Beyonce will be singing for real, won't it be an interesting game for the Harbaugh parents? Discussions about what movies we have seen recently and how many times I cried while watching Les Miserables and Brave would come up.  Then, of course, we would have to cover the SAG awards and the fashion hits and misses on the red carpet - Jennifer Lawrence and the "it did not rip" dress, January Jones and was that "high fashion" or "overboard"?  Of course, we would discuss our families, our jobs, blogs that we read and love as well as some of our recent purchases.  We would have so many topics to discuss, that we would have to have at least a second cup of our favorite drink (and at least an extra cookie/brownie/piece of pie).  Unfortunately, it seems those friend "dates" are harder to have very often for me anymore.  How often do you plan "dates" with your female friends?


  1. That sweater looks to be the exact color of your eyes I think!
    You know, I have to admit that I don't have a group of women friends I get together with. On occasion I get together with my daughter or sister but that's about it. I moved about 7 years ago and just haven't fell into a group of friends that has grown much so far. I don't really feel like I'm missing much since I had those "date" times when my kids were younger but sometimes I can't think of anyone to ask to go to a "chick flick" with me, or a play.

  2. Hi, love your look today and far as those dates with the ladies, almost never happen, I work a crazy schedule and when I am home I just like to be home and relax, or, but I blog and relax. Just dropping by, have a nice evening

  3. I love the shirt you have under your cardigan. And boy am I ever craving some friend dates these days. It's a tough life stage as my kids get older and have their own lives. I realize that I don't have much of one myself!

  4. I love your look!

    Beyonce said she will sing for real at the Super Bowl but did admit to lipsynching at the inauguaration.

    I never did much in terms of "play dates" but I strive to connect with others who share my interests and hobbies. And my daughter is now 18 and she's fast becoming a good friend and we enjoy each other's company shopping, going to the movies, and so on!

  5. Looking classically comfortable Miss Missy - enjoy your weekend!

  6. On our play date let's go thrifting too! ;-) You know I'm loving that thrifted sweater, Miss Thing! Gorgeous, as usual! xoxo jules PS I'm follower #51!!!

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  8. That sweater is totally making your eyes pop! What is your opinion on Tom's? do you think they're comfy? I have been going back and forth about whether or not I should take the plunge.. I don't love the espradille ones but the newer styles are super cute!
    Nikki at

  9. I felt lost when my son got to old for play dates too. It was harder to arrange 'mom dates' as he got older as well. I find actually booking things into the diary does help, otherwise it's easy to let the time slip away without actually getting together. I love the colour of your sweater. I'm so amazed that both it and your lovely top were thrifted. Great outfit!! Thank you for sharing this post with The Gallery of Favorites.